Meet the Team

Management Team

Morgan C. Smith, Jessica J. Page, Casie A. Foster, Corey R. McCall

Loan Services Team

Sarah A. Workman, Corey R. McCall, Casie A. Foster

Teller Services Team

Tammy E. Billings, Cynthia D. Lane,
Mikayla G. Wallick, Teri A. Saunders

Morgan C. Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Jessica J. Page

Vice President,
Chief Financial Officer

Casie A. Foster

Assistant Vice President,
Loan Officer

Corey R. McCall

Assistant Vice President,
Loan Officer

Sarah A. Workman

 Loan Administrator

Cathy C. Kirkland


Stan M. Sanders

Loan and Appraisal Auditor,
Bank Consultant

Cynthia D. Lane

IRA Administrator,
Head Teller

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